London FRS Firefighter Recruitment Process 2020

Are you interested in applying? Read our guide to the London Fire Brigade Firefighter Recruitment Process before you do!

The London Fire Brigade firefighter recruitment process is a little more complicated than some of the other processes in the UK, and a lengthy one – it can take 4-12 months to complete.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help you through!

Step 1 – The Online Application

When recruitment is open you’ll be able to access the link on the LFB site to the application form.

Be Prepared! Note down all of your personal details and information prior to recruitment opening so you can fill out the online application with confidence!

The application form will consist of basic screening questions to ensure you meet and understand the requirements of the role, and you will be asked to fill out your personal details.

Step 2 – The Online Tests

You’ll be asked to complete some online tests. The first of these will be a personality test and Behavioural Styles Questionnaire.

These are not timed, but the FRS would expect you to take around 15-20 mins to complete them.

The next stage is a Situational Judgement Test, again this is online and untimed but on average the expected completion time is around 30 minutes.

If your responses look good  an email will be sent inviting you to complete the ability tests:

There will be three timed tests:

The questions will have multiple choice answers, and you’ll be told in advance the time limits for completing them, which will vary from 15-20 minutes per test.

It’s really important to prepare for these types of tests! They can seem daunting if you’ve never came across them before, but you can take a look at some sample questions here.

Step 3 – The Assessment Centre

If your test scores make the grade you’ll then be asked to come along to the LFB Assessment Centre.

You’ll receive an invitation to attend, with all the details you need of the time, date and location.

The Assessment Centre consists of various types of assessment. You can expect to take part in:

  • A group exercise
  • A roleplay
  • An information Analysis Exercise (a written exercise linked to the role play)
  • A verification test where you will sit the ability tests again under exam conditions
  • An interview

It’s a busy day! If you’re successful you’ll progress to the physical fitness tests.

Step 4 – The Physical Fitness and Medical tests

The LFB physical tests remain in line with the National Firefighter Selection Process guidelines.

You’ll be expected to pass six physical firefighter-related tests including:

  • Ladder climb
  • Ladder lift
  • Casualty evacuation
  • Enclosed space
  • Equipment assembly
  • Equipment carry

If you’re successful then you’ll be asked to attend a medical assessment.

The medical is a general assessment to check that you’re fit for firefighter duties, and includes looking at your weight, lung function and blood pressure. You’ll also have to undergo hearing, eyesight and urine tests.

Step 5 – Pre-Employment Checks and Training

If you’re successful at the assessment day and interview, there are some final checks that the FRS will need to run.

This will involve checking the information on your application form, contacting your references, and performing a standard criminal record check. 

You’ll be asked to provide a 3 year history of what you’ve been doing, including proof of study, travel and unemployment. If you’re self-employed up to 5 references will be requested.

No personal references are allowed (unless you have worked in a family business)

Once your references and have been checked , you’ll move on to pre-course learning.

This is done in your own time, and will take around six weeks. Everything you need to complete this training will be supplied. Your progress will be evaluated just before you start the full-time paid training – don’t get complacent as if you perform poorly you could be asked to leave the process!


You generally won’t have long to wait before the FRS informs you if you’ve got the job! They will let you know either way, but even if you haven’t made it on this attempt you’ve done amazingly well to get so far.

It will then be time for you to start your firefighter training, which is an 11 week, full-time course for which you’ll recieve the basic firefighter salary for the London area.

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