Pass Your Middle Manager Interview for Promotion eBook

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You’ve had a few interviews to get here. Are you sure your next one will be the same?


Are you confident about what went right last time (and will it get you the same results this time?)

When it comes to this level of promotion there’s too much at stake to hope the interview will go your way. You need water-tight preparation to make sure it does.

Our Promotion E-book is a long-standing best-seller, helping hundreds of Watch and Station achieve the next level of promotion.

The reason it works?

  • Streamlined design.

    Learning a new skill can take up too much time you simply don’t have, unless you use practical short-cuts to maximise your skills quickly and efficiently.

  • Plenty of practice.

    Skills are improved by ‘doing’. Our step by step practice tasks are relevant enough to keep you motivated and will move you incrementally towards improved interview performance

  • Keeping you engaged.

    The tasks are focused and varied, maintaining your enthusiasm while you develop your skills in the time you have

  • Clear explanations.

    Our detailed instructions explain what to do and the benefits of applying this approach. You will understand why you are doing the activities and be able to apply your learning to improve how you handle all future interviews (selection or otherwise).

You have to have the right mix of skills and experiences for the role AND be able to effectively showcase these when it most matters. That’s where most candidates struggle and where we come into our own.

Included in this self-study e-book:

  • Practical strategies on using relevant detail to boost your interview evidence to the next level
  • Model answers to help you seamlessly tailor your responses to tick all the right boxes
  • Practice interview questions to help you grow familiar with using your experience to your best advantage
  • Discussions of ‘frequently made mistakes’ and how to avoid them

We all know how easy it is to put off doing things.


Sometimes even more so when we know how important it is!


We’ve just made it MUCH easier for you to start preparing for your interview without any added stress or frustration.

You know you need to put the time into preparing for your interview. It makes sense to spend the time applying tried and tested guidance rather than wondering if your efforts are a shot in the dark.
We will help you:

  • Structure fool-proof answers to highlight your skills and potential
  • Identify mistakes you can learn to side-step
  • Create your most persuasive examples from your catalogue of experiences
  • Deflect attention from any weaknesses
  • Deliver an interview which will do you justice

Interviews can be quite enjoyable when you have learnt the trick to doing them well. Most people think they know it, which is why they fail (sometimes again and again).

With us, preparing for your interview will be hassle-free. All you have to do is follow the instructions and your final answers will organically develop into the winning performance you deserve.
The eBook contains:

  • Step-by-step exercises to build up practical, evidence-based examples
  • Short-cuts to help you identify the answers to use, and the ones to avoid
  • Detailed analyses of strong and weak example answers
  • Guidance on what the interviewers are looking for and what they don’t want to see
  • Questions to help you identify your best quality answers which you can apply over and over again

Within a few pages of the workbook you will recognise how much difference our guidance has made to your answers. It will only get better the further on you go!









When you have finished your interview preparation, wouldn’t it be nice to get it checked over before you hand it in?

We now have an ‘express review’ service. This means a qualified assessor will read your interview preparation and tell you:

  • If you are answering correctly
  • If your answers are hitting the right level
  • Any areas of concern and how to address these

Gain the peace of mind that your interview answers are the best version possible.


IMPORTANT: Although there may be some local variation in the type of interview questions some FRSs use, the guidance contained in this e-book will raise your answers to a much higher level. This will make your performance every selection stage much stronger, irrespective of format used.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at

3 reviews for Pass Your Middle Manager Interview for Promotion eBook

  1. Rob Payne

    A great workbook, easy to work through step-by-step and really informative.

  2. David Graham

    Working through this book was really simple, but I gained so much from it. The practice exercises and examples made me feel much more prepared for my interview.

  3. Liam Williams

    Many thanks for the constructive help. It made me think a lot harder about the way to word everything. As I read through it one step at a time it helped a great deal.

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