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Finding a Firefighter Job

To find out who is recruiting you need to keep an eye on the websites of each FRS. Unfortunately there isn’t any consistency; they don’t recruit every year or at a certain time of year. You just need to stay alert.

Another option is to let us do the hard work (monitoring websites, regularly checking in with recruitment departments, following up on tips and rumours) and find out for you when a FRS is recruiting, then let you know by sending you a text message.

Finding a Firefighter Job
An advantage of our Firefighter Job Alert Service is that you will be one of the first to find out about the recruitment. This means that if the FRS only has limited application packs or they close applications after a certain number of enquiries, then you won’t miss out.

Most people live close enough that they can apply to several different FRS in the hopes of securing a firefighter job. The shift patterns mean that some travelling to work is less of a problem than if you worked 9-5 all week. So this means that you will have a few chances to apply and pass the selection process.

By keeping up to date with what all UK FRS are doing with recruitment you will be in the best position to start your career as a firefighter.

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