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Keeping up to date with Fire & Rescue Service recruitment can be a real headache. There is no warning when each service plans to recruit.

It’s far too easy to miss out on firefighter jobs simply because you haven’t seen the advert in time.


Most Fire Services close the door on applications shortly after advertising. Even so, they will receive thousands of applicants for a limited number of jobs.
To stand a chance it is really important that you are one of the first few to apply. Otherwise you risk your application being dismissed before it’s even been read.
You need ‘as they happen’ updates to make sure you don’t miss out- a TEXT MESSAGE is the perfect way to do it.

The Text Alert Service is a convenient way to stay up to date. It’s a no-brainer if you are waiting to become a Firefighter.
Matt, 20, Stockport

The only way to know for sure who is recruiting is to check the website of each Fire & Rescue Service every day, more than once, and hope that something comes up soon.
It isn’t always easy to get to the computer, or even your phone, in between work, kids, nights out and keeping fit. You know that the one day you don’t have time to check is exactly when you would have been able to apply!

Introducing our Job Alert Service

text message alert icon
Many Fire Services make only a limited number of application packs available; that means that if you are not one of the lucky few to get one within the first few hours, you will miss your chance. You might have to wait another year or more before they start recruiting again.
The text alert service is a unique system which means you never need to worry about missing your chance to apply.
We use advanced monitoring software to make sure we can let you know AS SOON AS any UK Fire Service announces that they are recruiting.
These chances don’t come along very often, so when they do you have to grab them with both hands – before your competitors do.



Customer Case Study

One Service opened their application window until they had 250 applications. The recruitment started at 09:00… and closed at 09:06. We were in the position to warn our subscribers in advance and many of you managed to get your applications, all thanks to the text alert service.

Save hours scanning Fire Service websites. You can relax, knowing that we will simply buzz your phone, wherever you are, whatever you are doing, and tell you which Fire Service is recruiting and what number to call.
Once you’ve signed up, its easy to discontinue the service, either because you have been offered a job or simply if you change your mind. Email or call us on 0208 1333 763 to stop or pause your payments and stop receiving our recruitment text alerts.
You can apply for your application pack as soon as you get the text message, and a HUGE weight will be lifted off your shoulders.

Sound easy?

It is. To register just fill your name and mobile phone number and we will do the rest. As soon as there is any news, we’ll send you a text message detailing which service is recruiting, the phone number or website to apply and what the closing date is.
When you sign up you will pay £5.99 a month for this service. You can cancel at any time.
If you’re ready to fast track your career as a Firefighter this is a great place to start.

£5.99 per month
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Please Note: This is service is for individual use only and cannot be used as part of another company’s service. We recommend you pay for this service with a card rather than through your Paypal account, this assures you will not miss a monthly payment.


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