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Getting through to the interview stage of the Firefighter selection process brings huge amount of pressure.

If 50 candidates are invited to interview, maybe 30 of these will pass. But there may be only 15 trainee firefighter places. So you need to not only be good enough to pass the interview, you also need to score top marks.

How can you make sure you do?

The interview will probably be very different to interviews you have had before. It will have a strict structure which not everyone prepares for in the right way.
If you leave it to ‘see how you get on,’ there is a strong chance it will mean another year or more until your next interview opportunity.
We are the people that current Firefighters and senior officers come to for help with their career development, so we are in a perfect position to also help you to join them in the Fire Service.

I bought the workbook half thinking I was on the right track anyway, but that I wanted to make absolutely sure. Once I started working thorough it I realised how close I’d come to giving a really bad interview and throwing my chance of becoming a Firefighter away
Sam, Suffolk.

If anything is going to improve your chances of getting through, this is it!

Introducing the Pass your Interview Workbook

This 72 page, instantly downloadable home study guide:

  • Covers everything you need to know about passing your interview. It’s full of practical exercises and detailed examples to gradually build up your skills.
  • Will show you EXACTLY how to get the very best results from your FRS Interview.
  • To prepare effectively takes effort, and this Workbook will coach you towards improving the way you answer your Interview questions.
    Helps you work out if your answers are good enough, and how to improve them.
  • Works through a number of detailed exercises to effectively ‘hold your hand’ as you identify and structure top quality answers.

The workbook is applicable to interviews for the rest of your FRS career

The type of Interview used by the Fire & Rescue Service is the same at entry level and for internal promotions; that means that once you have used this Workbook to improve your Interview skills and prepare really effective answers you can use it again and again throughout your career. It’s a long term investment.
Order now to:

  • Understand what is required of you through simple, step by step explanations
  • Identify a number of possible examples you can use in your interview
  • Develop your awareness of what the FRS needs you to demonstrate
  • Present your examples according to the ONLY structure the FRS will accept
  • Avoid the most frequently made mistakes
  • Select only your strongest examples and easily identify easy to miss weaknesses in your answers
  • Recognise excellent from mediocre answers
  • Practice your responses to realistic practice questions
  • Create final answers which will show why you are perfect for the role of a Firefighter


Want to get feedback on your answers?

This is an UNMISSABLE opportunity to submit your interview answers to a Psychologist and FRS expert to;

  • Gain feedback on your interview answers and any amendments you make based on your feedback up to THREE times
  • Find out which answers are your strongest
  • Find out which answers may let you down
  • Receive detailed instructions on how to improve your evidence (and why)
  • Find out if your examples are good enough to be accepted
  • Learn which mistakes you keep making and how to avoid these
  • Be advised where you may need to alter your behaviour to be accepted as a Firefighter
  • Be guided on when it is necessary to select alternative examples

We will personally allocate you an expert mentor to coach you through the final stages of your interview preparation.
Your mentor will support you with personalised feedback and guidance to make sure you are ready to showcase your Firefighter potential in the best way possible.
They will hold your hand, guide and encourage you as you prepare for the most important interview of your life!


IMPORTANT: Although there are many consistencies, there may be some local variation in the type of Interview some FRSs use. If you are unsure if this applies to you please check with use before purchasing.

4 reviews for Pass Your Firefighter Interview eBook

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    I didn’t really like the idea of having my answers criticised so I was relieved when it wasn’t really like that! My mentor pointed out some things which weren’t really doing me justice and explained where I wasn’t explaining myself well but she was very supported and constructive. It was a great feeling to get positive feedback after putting the tips into practice, and knowing that I’d done everything I could.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    I was blown away by how helpful and supportive the whole Interview feedback process was. I could ask my mentor any questions and felt like he genuinely wanted to help me to do my best so I could get on with my firefighter career.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    I found the Pass Your Interview workbook clear and easy to understand. The exercises helped me focus the way I structured my examples and taught me the level of detail the Fire Service is looking for. The feedback form gave me a chance to learn how to tailor my examples. This was returned in excellent time. The comments that were returned were constructive and not only told me where I went wrong but how I could improve them. Unlike most feedback I’ve had in the past, this was very useful. The workbook took a lot of time and commitment to get through but I am now confident going into my Fire Service interview knowing I understand what they are looking for.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Joe Rowles

    I passed my telephone interview and have a physical assessment this Friday. I very much appreciated your swift replies approaching the telephone interview and feel your final suggestions made all the difference.

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