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2017 in the Fire Service – A Review

As the evenings get colder and darker, and the Christmas lights are mostly up, we quickly approach the end of another year. A year which will always be remembered for the worse loss of life in a fire since the ...

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Recent Q&A- your questions, our in-depth answers

Last month I purchased the Middle Manager PQA application workbook. The workbook guides me through how to respond to ‘tell me about a time’ type questions, using Situation- Role- Result or STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) to guide my answers. I have just learnt...

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Can psychology make or break your FRS future?

Can psychology make or break your FRS future

What on earth has psychology got to do with firefighters? It’s a physical, active role right? Surely there isn’t time to be pondering the murky inner world of the unconscious mind?! The changing Service There may have been a time ...

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Are you as resilient as you think you are?

Are you as resilient as you think you are

It’s incredibly difficult to know how you might respond when faced with a life or death situation, or when dealing with the aftermath of a heart-breaking tragedy. Although firefighters are trained to provide a professional response in a huge range ...

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Why DO people come to us for help?

Why DO people come to us for help

We’ve been running this site for over eight years now and at the risk of drifting into loud voiced sales-speak, we have helped ‘literally hundreds of people’! So who are they, and why do they come? We were curious, so ...

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Fire Service Application Form Critique

Whether for promotion or recruitment into the Service most FRS application forms need you to provide evidence of your capabilities. Stating that you have what it takes isn’t enough, you have to PROVE it. Here’s a ‘Working with Others’ answer ...

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2015- will it be the year for you?

January isn’t just a time of sales, diets and grey weather, it’s also a great month for optimism. Are YOU excited about what 2015 holds? What we expect has a bigger bearing on outcomes than we might think. Doesn’t it ...

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