The National Fire Chief Council Leadership Framework

What is it, and why is it so important?

The National Fire Chief Council Leadership Framework (or NFCC Leadership Qualities) is new to the Fire & Rescue Service, with the final draft only being released last year.

It’s similar to the old PQAs in that it’s a list of criteria you need to match to be successful in your role. But crucially, it REPLACES the PQAs.

Why is this important?

When it comes to preparing for your FRS assessment (whether this is for Firefighter recruitment or promotion from Crew all the way up to Brigade Management) you’ll need to know whether the National Fire Chief Council Leadership Framework is being assessed. This information will help you to prepare in the right way for your assessment.

What is the Leadership Framework?

It’s a document which lists the leadership characteristics divided into four different levels:

  • Firefighters
  • Crew and Watch managers
  • Station and Group managers
  • Area managers and above

There are four Leadership Qualities:

  • Personal Impact
    About: value, respect and promote equality and diversity; being a positive presence on others, encouraging contribution and emphasising wellbeing
  • Outstanding Leadership
    About: building high performing teams and developing people to their full potential; communicating with integrity, being open and honest to build trust and collaborative working partnerships.
  • Service Delivery
    About: delivering high quality services now and in to the future; intelligent problem solving with an outcome focussed approach, continuous improvement and delivering value for money to our customers.
  • Organisational Effectiveness
    About: ensuring everything we do is linked to organisational plans and values; championing innovation, being open and proactive towards change and learning and evolving to meet future needs.

The Leadership Framework offers you, as a candidate, a new opportunity to show your potential to lead and succeed in the FRS. This new development is part of modernising the FRS, setting challenging but important goals to improve the way it works as a Service, and what sort of place it is for you to work IN.

By assessing candidates on these qualities, Fire Services are taking a step forward towards a new vision of what the Fire and Rescue Service can be!

It’s an exciting change, but one that you need to be prepared for. Have any questions? Just get in touch!

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