Pass Your Supervisory Manager Assessment for Promotion eBook

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The possibility of promotion is a HUGE event in your career, and if you are honest, you won’t want to repeat the assessment part of too often!

We have been helping FRS managers achieve further promotion for over a decade. Our workbooks are essential reading. They signpost your learning in easy-to-follow steps to keep you targeted, focused and on-track.


To get promoted you will first face a minefield of activities and challenges. Getting help takes away the stress, the uncertainty and the wasted hours spent focusing on all the wrong things.


Our Supervisory Assessment Workbook covers everything you need to know about:


  • Group discussions – including likely topics and format, what the assessors are looking out for and what mistakes to avoid
  • Written/ in-basket/ in-box exercise – key strategies for covering all your key points and structing your answers in the correct way
  • Roleplays – shortcuts on how to gain a successful outcome in a range of complex scenarios
  • Presentations/ briefings – including the formula for structing your content and straight-forward tips to creating a superb briefing.

With almost 70 pages of example exercises, practical worksheets, model answers, common mistakes, easy effective behaviours, quizzes and developmental activities, preparing for your promotion has never been more targeted, effective and hassle-free.

Included in this unique study guide


  • Detailed discussion on what the assessors will be looking for and how to make sure you deliver
  • Detailed descriptions of a wide range of assessment tasks and activities so you won’t face with any surprises on the day
  • Step-by-step explanations of how to tackle exercises without feeling over-whelmed or run out of time
  • Practical and informative tasks to keep yourself on track and performing to your best under pressure
  • Key tips on how to focus on the priorities with the tasks and issues you will face
  • How to avoid the most frequently made mistakes and what these tend to be in different activities
  • The secret of which competency areas (PQAs) candidates find the most difficult and how to overcome this
  • How to steadily improve your workplace performance so you are 100% ready for promotional assessments without any last-minute cramming
  • How to maximise your communication style so you can shine in a group discussion
  • Practice examples of an In-Basket Exercise or Case Study
  • Insights into what’s holding you back from a confident performance in your role-plays
  • A multiple-choice questionnaire designed to uncover your working style preferences and how these work for you
  • A detailed outline of a meeting or presentation exercise to encourage you to cover relevant information when questioned on a project or event

The right preparation WILL dramatically strengthen your assessment performance and give your career a massive boost. Don’t wait to find out your competitors took us up on this offer

This workbook gives our clients the peace of mind that they are preparing in the right way. It’s the head-start you need to stay motivated as you work through the sections step-by-step, knowing you are preparing in exactly the right way for your promotion assessment day.

This instant download covers everything you need to effectively tackle a range of assessment tasks, so you can prepare in a very comprehensive, but time-efficient way.

This e-book contains a HUGE amount of detailed and relevant Fire & Rescue Service-specific guidance and plenty of practical tasks to keep you engaged while you enhance your skills. It simply takes the frustration out of assessment centre preparation.

With our highly recommended e-book you will find out


  • What you need to do to score well
  • How to present your answers to the format assessors expect to see
  • How to use the test information properly, enabling you to handle complex scenarios
  • What your strengths and weaker areas might be, and how to work on these
  • What the FRS needs to see from you and how to deliver this confidently and consistent throughout your assessment.

Our instantly downloadable e-book uses practical, step-by-step exercises and instructions to make sure you succeed in your assessment (even if it’s your first one).



3 reviews for Pass Your Supervisory Manager Assessment for Promotion eBook

  1. Jack Wallis

    I’m hoping to join in really interested

    • FRS Team

      Hi Jack – drop us an email at letting us know where you’re at with your Firefighter career and we’ll do our best to advise you!

  2. Vicki Brown

    Thought you would like to know that I sat my supervisory firefighter to Crew Manager written exercise and I got my results last week – I PASSED!!
    I would like to say a big thank you to you and your company – it was definitely a big help in the lead up to my written exercise exam and I am convinced after previous failures that the service you offered assisted in my success this time. Thank you again

  3. Lee Pearson

    Just a short note to say thanks, today I opened my post to find that on my 3rd attempt to pass the written exercise, I have now passed. I can endorse your advice given to me about passing your written exercise for Crew Manager. Many thanks for your help and advice.

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