Pass Your Firefighter Ability Tests eBook

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NEW & Improved!!


We have now added over 20 Mechanical Reasoning questions to this workbook!

If you have any questions or concerns about the Ability Testing part of the Firefighter Selection process, this Workbook is for you.


Designed exclusively for the Fire & Rescue Service this comprehensive teaching tool covers:

  • Numerical reasoning – use of numbers, statistics and tables (New Questions recently added)
  • Verbal reasoning – understanding written information and drawing reasoned conclusions
  • Situational Judgement & Problem-solving – a realistic job preview and test of scenario responses
  • National Firefighter questionnaire – a personality test to measure how good a fit you are to the role
  • Mechanical Reasoning – scenarios and questions

The Firefighter Selection Process is tough, and this type of testing is where applicants get especially nervous…


NEW!! Mechanical Reasoning Test Practice Questions.


Over 50% of all Fire & Rescue Services are now looking at Mechanical Reasoning in their Firefighter recruitment process.
Get some essential practice of this challenging new test now to improve your confidence and mechanical reasoning skills.
  • 20 scenarios to evaluate
  • 20 technical illustrations for you to interpret
  • 20 questions to test your mechanical reasoning ability
  • Correct/ incorrect answers explained
  • Guidance to help you learn and improve your performance
    Mechanical reasoning test


    The Ability Tests (or Psychometric Testing)

    Fire Services will want to examine your ability to:

    • Work with numbers- so they know you can use equipment make adjustments and calculations under pressure
    • Work with information – understanding written text and able to draw key information accurately from it
    • Respond appropriately to hypothetical situations – taking appropriate actions to relevant scenarios
    • Recognise risk –anticipating hazards and taking steps to minimise negative impacts on safety
    • Behave in a way that is consistent with the organisation’s values – displaying attitudes which are consistent with what the FRS is looking for



    The best way to find out how well you are likely to do with the Firefighter Ability Tests is to have a go at them first. From there you can improve your performance through more and more practice. Our Workbook is the recommended way to do this.

    The biggest problem with the ability tests is that candidates aren’t sure how well they are going to do. Once you have worked your way through the practice tests you have a much better idea how well you are performing. This can be a great confidence boost, but even if you don’t do as well as you hoped, the comprehensive answer sections will teach you where you went wrong so you can apply that learning next time.
    With over 300 completely targeted questions (that’s 135 pages!) and fully explained answers, this Guidebook is the closest thing to the real tests. It has been designed to help you:
    • See what sort of questions you can expect
    • Have a go at mock questions before the real tests
    • Find out how many answers you are getting right
    • Learn how well you cope with the numerical tests
    • Understand where you might be going wrong
    • Get a head-start on improving your approach
    • Learn how well you would respond in a crisis
    • Find out how closely your attitudes and beliefs match up
    • Take action to improve questions you keep getting wrong



    The Situational Awareness and Verbal Reasoning questions very closely matched the actually questions on the day. The feedback on the answers are also very useful.
    Ashley T

    This information is invaluable to anyone who is serious about becoming a Firefighter. It is uniquely designed around the most up-to-date Firefighter Ability and Attitude tests and it ONLY covers the sort of questions you will have to pass to get to the next stage. Are you sure you have this selection stage covered?

    IMPORTANT: Some Fire & Rescue Services have recently added new types of tests, or have altered the way you need to answer (for example, asking you to rank your preferred answers from 1-4 instead of choosing one correct one, or other variations on this.)
    Don’t worry. The practice questions are still relevant for you because without them you won’t have an in-depth awareness of the range of scenarios to expect, or have a sense of how well you are understanding what the correct actions/ answers are.
    These new tests are now being used as the earliest part of the Selection Process. They are an online sift. If you don’t pass these tests you won’t get any further.
    Don’t miss this opportunity to practice these crucial tests in advance, plus work through REAL Firefighter dilemmas –giving you a behind-the-scenes insight into how close you are to thinking and acting like a Firefighter.
    Be Warned: These tests are a challenge. The workbook is the key to learning how to complete them accurately, confidently and with time to spare, helping unlock your potential to be a Firefighter

    4 reviews for Pass Your Firefighter Ability Tests eBook

    1. Michelle Thorne (verified owner)

      Good day to you! So your going for the best career or your already there, either way “Great choice” I’m also going for gold. I feel that Frs Development are leading me up the right track. There is so much to learn and with the download ebooks, you can soak up the knowledge where ever you get free time while your on the move. So far so good, it’s a thumbs up from me! Thank you.

    2. Mike Jelf

      I really didn’t know what to expect from the ability tests, but this workbook has been a huge help. I’ve had lots of practice now and feel ready for them.

    3. Ben Jones

      This workbook is a great way to practice for the ability tests, not just giving right or wrong answers but explaining how you can improve on any you struggle with.

    4. Craig

      This Workbook is a great warm up to help you pass these difficult tests. I would have struggled without it

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