The Gift of Life

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The Gift of Life is the perfect gift for the aspiring Firefighter in your life.

Change a Life, Save Lives


We all know someone who would make a perfect firefighter.

The sad reality is most of them fail to get any closer to their dream job. The selection process is incredibly tough, so even if they get past the stage of talking about becoming a firefighter and doing something about it, their enthusiasm, dedication and fitness won’t be enough.

Applicants struggle to know where to start, how to prepare and what they need to learn. It can seem over-whelming and demoralising, and hard for loved ones to see them lose hope of ever achieving their dream.

Good news, there IS something you can do. You can make a genuinely massive difference to helping them achieve their goals with ‘The Gift of Life’. It’s honestly a gift they will be grateful for, for the rest of their career!
The gift contains all the required beginner eBooks to guide the soon-to-be Firefighter easily and seamlessly through all the steps of recruitment, providing all the knowledge and insight required to pass each step with flying colours.
The Gift includes an easily downloadable eBook version of:

This is the essential package to take your friend, relative or partner from complete novice to being 100% confident and prepared to secure their Firefighter job and embark on their life-changing journey towards saving the lives of others.

How to Complete a Successful Application Form e-book


Our Firefighter Application Form e-book is the solution to getting you started, keeping you going, and making sure you get the form done quickly, easily and to the highest quality standard you need.
We will help you:

  • Recognise if you are structuring your answers correctly or making common mistakes
  • Structure your evidence to neatly fit with the scoring criteria
  • Pick out your most compelling examples
  • Overcome weaknesses in your answers
  • Create a final application which showcases both your experience and potential (most people are very poor at doing this!)

I found the exercises in the application ebook a brilliant way to get to know what would be expected of me when applying for the fire service.

Pass Your Firefighter Ability Tests eBook


Designed exclusively for the Fire & Rescue Service this comprehensive teaching tool covers:

  • Numerical reasoning – use of numbers, statistics and tables (New Questions recently added)
  • Verbal reasoning – understanding written information and drawing reasoned conclusions
  • Situational Judgement & Problem-solving – a realistic job preview and test of scenario responses
  • National Firefighter questionnaire – a personality test to measure how good a fit you are to the role
  • Mechanical Reasoning – scenarios and questions

Including NEW!! Mechanical Reasoning Test Practice Questions.

Over 50% of all Fire & Rescue Services are now looking at Mechanical Reasoning in their Firefighter recruitment process.
Get some essential practice of this challenging new test now to improve your confidence and mechanical reasoning skills.

This Workbook is a great warm up to help you pass these difficult tests. I would have struggled without it.


Pass Your Firefighter Assessment Day eBook


With this comprehensive e-book you will learn everything you need to know about:

  • Roleplays – using top personal and communication strategies to create a positive impression
  • Group exercises – in-depth do’s and don’t s of group tasks and discussions
  • Presentations – what to include, how to structure and how to appear completely at ease!
  • Written papers – whether it’s a report, case study or evaluation exercise, we will guide you around all the obstacles and give you examples answers

I thought the book was very helpful and I have recommended it to a few friends. I think it was good to know what to expect and to know things as simple as keeping track of time etc.
I would say it really helped me to pass my assessment day.

Pass Your Firefighter Interview eBook


The FRS selection interview has a strict structure to make sure everyone is given the same opportunity to shine.
This 72 page, instantly downloadable home study guide:

  • Covers everything you need to know about passing your interview. It’s full of practical exercises and detailed examples to gradually build up your skills.
  • Will show you EXACTLY how to get the very best results from your FRS Interview.
  • To prepare effectively takes effort, and this Workbook will coach you towards improving the way you answer your Interview questions.
  • It will work through a number of detailed exercises to effectively ‘hold your hand’ as you identify and structure top quality answers.

I found the Pass Your Interview workbook clear and easy to understand. The exercises helped me focus the way I structured my examples and taught me the level of detail the Fire Service is looking for.


SAVE 55%




All the essential books to go from complete novice to being perfectly ready and prepared to sit down in that first interview with confidence, secure that job and embark on the journey of changing their life so they can save the lives of others.

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  1. Chris

    Over the past 3 years I have applied to 3 different services in 3 different county’s and the first two I got to the same stage, passing everything then failing at the last hurdle in the interview. The 3rd attempt I brought your workbook how to pass the interview and I’m happy to say I start my new career as a firefighter in two weeks!

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