Pass Your Firefighter Assessment Day eBook

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Learn everything you need to know to pass your Firefighter Selection Day.

Our instantly downloadable eBook uses time-efficient, step-by-step exercises and practical tasks to help you pass your firefighter assessment (even if it’s your first one).


With this comprehensive e-book you will learn everything you need to know about:


  • Roleplays – using top personal and communication strategies to create a positive impression
  • Group exercises – in-depth do’s and don’t s of group tasks and discussions
  • Presentations – what to include, how to structure and how to appear completely at ease!
  • Written papers – whether it’s a report, case study or evaluation exercise, we will guide you around all the obstacles and give you examples answers

Most applicants to become firefighters focus on two things:

1. Their physical fitness
2. Preparing for the early stages of the selection process.
When they are invited to attend an assessment day they find themselves unprepared and very short of time.

Our Assessment Day eBook:


  • Explains what exercises to expect, and what will be expected of you
  • Details how to get top scores, and how to avoid the most common pitfalls
  • Shows you how to make sense of the tasks you are set, and how to respond correctly
  • Guides you, step-by-step, to be fully confident and properly prepared for your assessment day

This unique eBook specifically deals with Fire & Rescue Service assessment exercises, guiding you to succeed through in-depth information, useful strategies, easy-to-remember formulas and straightforward explanations.
Learning doesn’t have to be a hassle when it is presented in the right way. You will work through quizzes, practical exercises, real-life examples, checklists and case studies to build up your knowledge and skills effortlessly.
In a short amount of time you will be massively more prepared to pass your assessment day, and a big step closer to becoming a firefighter.

When firefighters want to get promoted, they come to us for help. Let us be your secret weapon too!



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4 reviews for Pass Your Firefighter Assessment Day eBook

  1. Juan Francisco Fonta Manzanera (verified owner)

    The scope of this book is very broad, so rest assured it can help you pass assessment day. It certainly helped me pass mine.

  2. Ashley T

    The assessment day e-book was very helpful.

  3. Christopher Mooney

    I have found the workbook very useful and it has helped me know what to expect and enabled me to better prepare for the day.
    I had no idea what to expect to be involved in and am glad of my purchase as role plays may have caught me unprepared.

  4. James McCallum

    I thought the book was very helpful and I have recommended it to a few friends. I think it was good to know what to expect and to know things as simple as keeping track of time etc.
    I would say it really helped me to pass my assessment day

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