Written Exercises

This is an exercise where you write/ type full answers. It’s not a multiple choice or short answer test, but something that requires you to write proper paragraphs of text, structured in an appropriate way, covering your analysis/ proposal/ strategy/ recommendations/ pros and cons/ answers/ plans or whatever else the question paper asks you to provide. There will be clear instructions and a time limit.

Types of written exercise

  • An inbox (in-basket or in-tray exercise)
  • An analysis exercise
  • Invigilated essay or pre-prepared essay question
  • Strategy or proposal
  • Case study

Don’t be put off by the name of the exercise, whichever one will require you to read and understand some contextual information and respond to the task described. and whatever the format of the task there will be information for you to evaluate or a question to answer and instructions on how to then respond e.g. with a memo, a recommendation, a proposal, an essay.

In the FRS, the most common type of written exercise is the inbox/ in-basket

The difference between the different written exercise formats will be in the specific instructions e.g. you may be asked to ‘evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of a proposal and make recommendations’ or you may be asked to ‘respond to each item in your inbox, outlining short and medium term actions.’

What will be assessed

It will vary, depending on the content of the exercise. some of the following areas of your performance may be assessed:

  • written communication (clarity, structure, rationale)
  • planning (next steps, clear actions)
  • professionalism (meeting high standards, positive role-modelling)
  • problem solving (finding resolution for difficuties, generating creative and practical solutions)
  • integrity (gathering all the necessary information before reaching conclusions, tackling inappropriate behaviour)
  • team working (aprach to collaboration, cooperation, providing support)
  • analysing (establishing priorities and recognising less critical factors)
  • safety awareness (recognising risk and taking actions to mitigate these)

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Inbox (In-Basket) Exercise – The items you will find in your inbox will be relevant to the level…

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