How to become Firefighter Fit eBook

What if you could train in a way that meant you improved strength, endurance, flexibility and stamina in a fraction of the time?

Make 100% sure that you are in such good shape that you breeze through the firefighter physical selection tests

Too many people are still turning up to the firefighter fitness tests thinking they are strong enough, only to have their dreams of becoming a firefighter shattered.
The majority of people who apply think they are fit enough. The nasty surprise is when it turns out they have a good level of general fitness, but are not sufficiently ‘firefighter fit’.

Written by a highly experienced, long-serving Firefighter, this book is 100% targeted to what you need to do to achieve the sort of fitness, strength, stamina and flexibility you must have to reliably perform the complex role of a modern firefighter.


Make sure you are training in the right way without extra impact on your wallet. Download this industry leading eBook today.

Even if you are happy with your existing fitness regime, this e-book will expose any weaknesses in your physical ability in relation to the Firefighter fitness tests. Following this specialised programme will overcome them – fast.
Most people’s fitness training doesn’t prepare them for firefighter activity. A lot of very traditionally fit applicants are surprised to find they haven’t made the grade.
Find out the key to addressing these 4 areas:

  • Strength – to carry bulky fire service equipment or pitch heavy ladders
  • Endurance – to run out lines of hose over long distances or drag unconscious people to safety from buildings
  • Flexibility – work for long periods in confined spaces such as tunnels or lift shafts
  • Stamina – to carry out a detailed search of a smoke filled building, overcoming obstacles whilst conserving air in breathing apparatus.

This e-book will quickly deliver the results you need, whoever you are and whatever your current fitness level. No fuss (just a little sweat and effort!)


You don’t need to go to a gym or buy special equipment. Without leaving the house or spending more than the cost of this e-book you can complete a killer workout which targets all key areas, improving overall fitness in around 20 minutes a day. James Holder, Book Author




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