Firefighter Application

Completing the application form is the first step to joining the Fire Service. People usually think filling in the application form is a pretty easy step, but 90% of applications will be rejected.

Where can I get an application form?

Please bear in mind that application forms are ONLY available when recruitment for wholetime firefighters is open for the FRS you want to apply to.

The majority of Fire and Rescue Services use online applications, although some of the more remote ones still provide an application form for you to download and either fill out on your computer or complete by hand.

What will the application form ask me?

Application forms will vary slightly between Fire Services, but the most important part (often in the personal statement section) is designed to find about how you meet Personal Qualities and Attributes needed to be a good firefighter. You will need to give real-life examples of situations where you have demonstrated the PQAs.

You’ll also be asked to provide your personal and contact details, declare any unspent criminal convictions, and give details of your previous employment and education.

There may also be some basic screening questions for you to answer, to make sure that you understand and meet the basic requirements of the firefighter role.

Often you’ll only be given a short window when recruitment is open to submit your application – and occasionally FRSs will reserve the right to close the process early if they reach a certain number of applicants. Therefore it’s crucially important to be prepared!

How do I answer PQA questions?

The questions are phrased like this:

  • ‘Please describe a time where you have worked effectively with others’
  • ‘Can you give an example of a time where you have resolved a challenging problem?’
  • ‘Provide an example of when you have had to meet high standards’
  • ‘Please describe when you have had to create a detailed plan’
These types of questions will ask you about what you have personally done.

What help is available?

We have helped many firefighter applicants to improve their ability to pass the selection process. We can show you how to make your application better so you can see the difference yourself. We can teach you how to apply this knowledge to later stages of the recruitment process too.

Our support ALWAYS improves the applicant’s chances of getting through to the next recruitment stage. We can’t write your application for you, but we can make sure it is the best version it can be!

Our Service is recognised to be the best help available to you pass your application. Most of our customers come back for help preparing for their interview!

Our workbooks give you tips and exercises to practice completing an application form before you do the real thing. It covers everything you need to know – it’s full of learning exercises and detailed examples to gradually build up your skills.

Our personalised feedback service lets you know what you’re good at and what needs work with the answers you have already done. If you are concerned your experience may not be quite up to scratch, we can give you honest and constructive guidance and advice.

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