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The possibility of promotion is a HUGE event in your career, and if you are honest, you won’t want to repeat the assessment part of too often!

We all have a range of different skills, but what is important to your career progression is to develop your strengths in a way which matches the needs of the modern Fire & Rescue Service.
When it comes to assessment for promotion, the biggest concerns our customers face are fear of the unknown, confusion about how to prepare effectively and uncertainty about what is expected of them.
Once you’ve committed to going for promotion you will want to be fully prepared. Putting the effort in isn’t the problem for most people- its knowing how to direct it so the efforts you make get you he results you need.

Would you like some help in getting through the assessment minefield and improve your chances of passing your promotion?

Our services have been helping Firefighters progress their careers for over 10 years. We help people who:

  • have not applied for promotion before and don’t know what to expect
  • have failed their assessment previously
  • have passed the assessment but not strongly enough to secure their promotion
  • are considering going for promotion but want to find out more before putting themselves up for it

Our Workbook will provide you with ALL the information you need and will help you perform to a far higher standard than you would without its practical tips and detailed guidance.

Our Promotions Assessment Workbook makes sure you:


  • Have the right information to perform to your best
  • Know what types of tasks to expect
  • Understand how to use the information presented
  • Are familiar with how to effectively present your responses
  • Understand what is required of you through step by step explanations
  • Manage the scenarios effectively
  • Can practice the exercises in advance
  • Gain feedback on your skills in advance
  • Understand your development needs
  • Know how to improve the way you can perform in your assessments
  • Can improve your awareness of what the FRS needs you to demonstrate


Each of our packages contains a HUGE amount of detailed and relevant guidance, free bonus material and practical tasks.

By preparing you in the CORRECT way we can make sure you don’t waste your time PLUS you get better results than you otherwise would.

We understand that assessment processes are not about simply about promotion. Assessments are used to identify potential. But whether the immediate impact will be a quick move into a promoted position, or access to greater development opportunities, passing the assessment can be quite stressful and preoccupying.
Eventual promotion will have a positive financial impact, which although is by no means the only motivating factor for wanting to apply, it does play a big part. We provide an excellent value service which will have a huge impact on how you demonstrate your suitability for a more senior role in both your assessment activities and in the workplace.

Sometimes potential alone isn’t enough. You need to be able to showcase your capabilities in the very best way, even if this means seeking help along the way

This Workbook is absolutely ESSENTIAL for anyone wanting to attend their assessment fully equipped to face the challenges of the day. It will help you overcome your apprehension about what to expect, and guide you to improve how you perform in in the run up to the each of the stages.


IMPORTANT: Although there are many consistencies, there may be some local variation in the type of assessments some FRSs use. If you are unsure if this applies to you please check with use before purchasing.

1 review for Pass Your Middle Manager Assessment for Promotion eBook

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    John Ward

    The preparation package was really valuable to my success at the middle manager written exercise. FRS Development gave continual support and advice and I attended the exam feeling fully prepared and confident.

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