Pass Your Middle Manager Assessment for Promotion eBook

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The possibility of promotion is a HUGE event in your career, and if you are honest, you won’t want to repeat the assessment part of too often!

Most applicants for promotion are 100% committed to doing their best. The problem is knowing where to direct your efforts and how to make sure you get it right on the day.


To get promoted you will first face a minefield of activities and challenges.

Getting help with your preparation will reduce your stress and time wasted revising in the wrong way


We have been helping FRS managers achieve further promotion for over a decade. Our workbooks are essential reading. They signpost your learning in easy-to-follow steps to keep you targeted, focused and on-track.

To do well you need to:


  • Understand what you need to do to score well
  • Learn how to present your answers correctly
  • Understand how to use the test information to your best advantage
  • Know how to manage complex scenarios effectively
  • Practice relevant exercises in advance
  • Build on your strengths and develop your weaker areas
  • Recognise what the FRS needs to see from you, and demonstrate it in the right way

Our 60 page instantly downloadable e-book uses practical, step-by-step exercises and instructions to make sure you succeed in your assessment activity, whatever format this may take.

The E-book covers:


  • Detailed guidance on what the assessors will be looking for
  • In-depth descriptions of a wide range of assessment tasks and activities
  • Step-by-step explanations of how to tackle exercises from roleplays to group discussions, presentations to written tasks
  • Practical and informative tasks to improve how you present yourself under pressure
  • Key strategies on how to deal effectively with the scenarios and complex issues you will face
  • How to avoid the most frequently made mistakes and what these tend to be in different activities
  • The secret of which competency areas (or PQAs) candidates find the most difficult and how to overcome this
  • How to improve your communication style so you can shine in a group discussion
  • Practice examples of an In-Basket/Analysis Exercise or Case Study
  • Insights into what’s holding you back from a confident role-play performance
  • Testing on how you respond in dynamic group situations

The right preparation WILL dramatically strengthen your assessment performance and chance to give your career a massive boost. Don’t wait to find out your competitors took us up on this offer – you can get a head- start today with this instant download of everything you need to effectively tackle a range of assessment tasks without the stress or uncertainty.

This e-book contains a HUGE amount of detailed and relevant Fire & rescue Sercie- specific guidance and plenty of practical tasks to keep you engaged while you learn.

By preparing in the CORRECT way you can be confident that you aren’t wasting any time PLUS you will get better results.




IMPORTANT: Although there may be some local variation in the type of assessment exercises some FRSs use, the guidance contained in this
e-book will raise your performance to a much higher level across a wide range of activities.

3 reviews for Pass Your Middle Manager Assessment for Promotion eBook

  1. Keiran Hayes

    Applying for promotion is a big thing, and I knew part of it would be a thorough assessment. I am sure I wouldn’t have got through it without the help and support of FRS Development. The workbook was an essential guide for me and I’m sure it played a big part in me getting through it.

  2. Martin Williams

    I found the exercises in this book really helpful – being able to practice the type of tasks that would be put to me on the day was invaluable.

  3. John Ward

    The preparation package was really valuable to my success at the middle manager written exercise. FRS Development gave continual support and advice and I attended the exam feeling fully prepared and confident.

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