What are Fire Station Open Days?

There are a lot of benefits to attending Fire Station Open Days - you might not have even realised them!

You may have noticed that there are a lot of Fire Station Open Days happening across the country.

As well as offering a fun family day out, Fire Service Open Days are also held to raise awareness of the important job done by the Fire Service.

Generally there will be ‘open doors’ access to parts of the station. Firefighters and staff will be on hand to answer any questions.

While these are advertised as family events, don’t discount them. There are several reasons why you should consider going along if you’re an aspiring Firefighter!

So why should I attend?

  • If you attend a Fire Service Open Day you’ll get the chance to speak to currently serving firefighters at the station. This means you’ll get the chance to ask questions, and find out more about the role.
  • You can find out about any opportunities in your local FRS like volunteering. This could involve roles in community fire safety, post-fire support or youth engagement programmes.
  • While an open day isn’t the same as a taster or ‘have a go’ day, you might still get an opportunity to handle (or find out more about) some of the equipment and gear that Firefighters use in their everyday role.
  • Quite often there will be details available about Firefighter recruitment, and information you can take home with you. This can cover elements of the recruitment process such as the interview or ability tests.
  • If you do have a family, as well as the fun of having a day out it’s an opportunity for them to learn more about the career. One of the most important things for Firefighters is knowing that they have the support of their family behind them.
  • If you’re still at school you can find out about youth engagement opportunities for your age group, such as the Fire Cadets programme. This works towards a nationally recognised qualification, and generally runs throughout the academic year.
  • You’ll also be showing public support for a very good cause. The UK Fire Service is under a lot of stress at the moment with cutbacks and funding issues, and these events highlight what an important and valuable job the service does.
It also doesn’t hurt to introduce yourself and express an interest! If you make connections you never know where they might lead.

These events are usually advertised locally, or on the website or social media pages of your local FRS.

We also regularly post event details on our Facebook page!

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