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Have you ever wondered why some people just seem to be effortlessly confident in situations that make many others a bundle of nerves?

Confidence is something that you can improve and build upon – trust us it may seem a little daunting but it can be done!

Applying for a Firefigher job, whether it’s your first time or you’re looking to work for a different FRS or to be promoted, can be incredible nerve wracking – especially activities such as role-plays or the interview!

We have a few tips for you which we hope will help to improve your confidence for these types of situations, and make you realise that actually, it’s totally do-able!

1. Think about your Breathing!

This one sounds really obvious. But not breathing properly, and taking shallow and rapid breaths when you’re feeling a little wound up will actually make the situation worse – making you feel panicky.

Practice deep breathing, and if you’re in a situation where nerves are starting to get the better of you, like waiting to be called in for interview, try to sit quietly and focus on your breathing for a minute.

Take a few deep, slow breaths and concentrate on the sensations of breathing in and breathing out. This will slow your mind down for a minute and help relax your body a little – trust us, it really does help!

2. How’s your Posture?

Many people who lack confidence in their abilities reflect this in the way they stand and move, and as a result have poor posture.

What’s the first thing you notice about someone brimming with confidence? The way they hold themselves? The way they walk into a room? These are two things that have a big impact on first impressions.

Doing something as simple as making the effort to put your shoulders back, hold your head up high and stand up straight and tall can really give others the impression that you’re more confident than you feel.

It can actually play a little psychological trick on you and really make you feel more confident too!

3. What would my hero do?

Who do you admire? Perhaps someone you know, or a celebrity you admire, or even a historical figure. Take a piece of paper and write down all the qualities that you respect about them.

When you’re dealing with a situation that makes you feel uncomfortable think– what would this person do? Would they let nerves overcome them or would they tackle things head on?

This can really help giving you an extra boost – and once you’ve done it once it becomes easier and easier.

Deciding what to wear for a formal assessment or Interview might mean that you’ll be dressing differently from normal. But try to do this in a way that makes you feel comfortable too.

It’s important to make sure what you’re wearing is in good condition and fits well – you don’t want to be uncomfortable because your trouser are a little tight!

If you know you look good, and you feel comfortable, you’ll feel more confident. Simple as that.

5. Flip it!

Think of a situation that worries you – an interview for example.

What is the best outcome? And what is the worst? What it boils down to is you get the position or you don’t.

But flip your thinking – even you don’t get the position, what might you gain from the whole interview process?

You’ll have the experience experience, or perhaps even helpful feedback for your next interview which might help you feel more confident next time.

Try to always look for the positive –what you stand to gain and to learn from each new experience.

We hope that you’ve found these tips useful, and remember our friendly team are always here to help and advise you – just get in touch!

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