The 3 biggest Application Form Mistakes

Application forms are used as the first stage of the firefighter selection process, and in some FRS as part of the promotional process. So what are the common mistakes which cost so many applicants their chance to progress? Below we explore 3 of the key mistakes and how they can be avoided.


1. Using mediocre examples

Too many applicants use examples which seem to fit what the question is asking, without considering whether the answer is actually strong enough to stand out. If it isn’t something pretty impressive, it simply won’t make the grade. If you aren’t sure that you have anything that fits the bill, start thinking about ways you can broaden your experiences. This will give you more varied and impressive examples to draw upon.


2.Not providing enough evidence

You need to provide EVIDENCE that you behave in the way the FRS is looking for. The way you prove this is to give an example of a time you have behaved like this before. This gives a good indication of how you are likely to behave in the future. If you focus too much on describing the context of the situation, you aren’t using the opportunity to explain how you BEHAVED, which is the whole point of the exercise.


3. Not proof reading.

When we write or type anything, we make mistakes. Remember- we read what we think we wrote, not what is actually in front of us (Which explains any mistakes in this newsletter!). Get someone else to read your application form for you. Sentences which may make perfect sense to you will mean nothing to someone else. It is crucial to make sure your application form conveys exactly what you want it to say about you.

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