Unsure if a Firefighter Career is for you?

If you’re not 100% sure how you’d cope with the role of a firefighter, perhaps because you aren’t sure if you meet the criteria, or you’re considering a career change, why not think about attending a Taster Session at your local FRS?

These events allow members of the public to get a better idea of whether the career of a firefighter is the right one for them.

During the day you’ll get the chance to speak with members of staff at your local FRS about both the recruitment process and the career itself. You’ll also find out what it’s really like for firefighters on the job, and the daily challenges they face.

You’ll get to tour your local Fire Station, and see and handle the different types of equipment used on a daily basis.


For those worried about the physical side of the career, the taster day may offer some reassurance. Participants will get the opportunity to try some of the physical activities required by firefighters, including a ladder climb, a ladder lift, and equipment carry and much more.

Even if you find some of the activities a bit difficult during the taster session you’ll leave with a better idea of the areas you need to work on fitness-wise. And staff will be on hand to offer encouragement and advice.

Some FRS’s even set up mock scenarios for those attending such as a casualty evacuation, to see how they fare in these types of situation.

You’ll be given information to take home with you on the recruitment process, and depending on your FRS you might get some examples of the written ability tests to take home and practice.

Positive Action

At this time FRS’s are welcoming applications from minority and under-represented groups – a way of promoting positive diversity in the fire service.

Some FRS’s are also now holding additional women only taster days – both to raise awareness of the gender gap currently seen in firefighting and to encourage any potential female candidates who might feel worried about applying.

Taster Sessions are usually held on an ongoing basis. Details of upcoming ones will be posted on your local FRS website, or you can also contact them directly and they’ll let you know when the next event is being held.

How to book a place

You’ll generally be asked to complete a short online form to register your interest, then the FRS will contact you to confirm your place has been booked for your chosen taster session.

An important factor of attending a taster session is that it gives you a chance to get to know the staff at your local FRS, and a chance for them to get to know you! Showing genuine interest and enthusiasm could really help you later during the recruitment process.

Don’t be scared to ask questions either – this is a golden opportunity.

If you think you’d like to be a firefighter then there is really no reason for you not to attend one of these sessions – why not contact your local FRS today? It could be the first step to your dream career as a firefighter!

Picture from South Yorkshire FRS

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