Firefighting at Christmas

When you join the Fire Service you join with the understanding it’s a 365 24/7 service. After a while it’s not something you really think about until it comes to Christmas.

For me initially it wasn’t a huge issue as I didn’t have a family, so would quite often volunteer to come in early or hang on for FF’s with young children to give them a couple of extra hours at home with their kids. Over time I have had my own Family and the magic of Christmas has returned.

Balancing family life and team work

As so many 999 workers at the start of the year, one of the first dates I look at is Christmas. With young kids all I want to do is be at home with them at Christmas.

We are a team though, I know I still have to work my fair share of them and to be honest I have been lucky over the last few years. My family have been really good. Last year my first day back was Christmas Day, my family all got up extra early so we could do presents before I left. To me that makes all the difference.

Christmas day on Station

Work is really relaxed on Christmas Day, essential checks and then it’s stand down for the day. We all have a big breakfast around half ten and then it’s settling down to watch a Christmas movie with lots of nibbles so it does feel quite homely.

Kitchen fires a-plenty!

I have worked a few Christmas days now both whole-time and retained and you can always guarantee a working job. Christmas Day isn’t quiet there are usually jobs of all shapes and sizes, a lot of kitchen related fires which you can expect!

Where the festive fun starts

I have been really lucky so far that since I have had kids I haven’t had to work Christmas Eve night. That would be the worst one. For me the real excitement is everything we do on Christmas Eve. The prep for Santa, Christmas Eve boxes, Christmas Eve tea with family kids and getting all pressies out ready for the morning once the kids have FINALLY gone to bed!

This year I am completely free of work finishing Christmas Eve morning and not back till the 28th, this is a luxury! So for once I’ll have an extra few drinks!

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