Love writing but just don’t get the chance?

Want to brush up on your writing skills but not sure where to start?

Write for FRS Development!

We are looking for firefighters to write short articles for our well-established and popular website.


First-hand articles are a great source of inspiration, and realistic information, about life as a firefighter. Anyone who thinks they might want to join the profession will be eager to learn all they can about the role, and there is no better place than candid, behind-the-scenes accounts from people doing the job.

It can also be reassuring to other firefighters themselves to read articles from colleagues about topics they may never quite get round to talking about. Reading about experiences or opinions about the job can also provide food for thought, and sometimes debate!

Who is it for?

  • Anyone in the FRS who likes to write
  • Anyone who has something to say
  • Anyone who is able to put their thoughts into writing in an accessible and engaging way
  • Anyone who has a story they’d like to share or a viewpoint to explore
  • Anyone who would like to give useful insights or advice to newer firefighters or those considering the career.

Not sure its for you? Your welcome to have a go, we’ll review it and give you constructive feedback if you ask us to.

What sort of thing should you write about?

Anything you think would appeal to the FRS Development audience!
Some ideas:

Close up of firefighter in BA

  • A day in the life (operational or project team based)
  • About a particular incident or campaign
  • Funny stories
  • Pros and cons of the role
  • News and views on latest developments in the Service
  • Unexpected occurrences or challenges and what happened as a result
  • Opportunities that came along as part of the role e.g. a charity event, sporting or travel
  • Best and worst days
  • ‘How to’ guides e.g. staying fit, dealing with traumatic incidents, fitting the role around family or social life, overcoming conflict at work, dealing with stress…

How will it work?

Write a couple of approx. 500 word articles for us. We will review them and use those that are a good fit. If you want to continue to write for us we’ll tell you what our rates are so you get paid for your time and expertise.

We’re not looking for perfect, just interesting, informative and insightful. You can write under your own name if you like (and you don’t think your Service would mind) or we’ll post your blog anonymously if you’d rather.

If you’re intrigued, send your articles to

We’ll let you know when we will publish it on our site.

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FRS Team

Our team of experts have the many years of Fire Service experience and are up to date with the latest selection news.

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