Working on Christmas Day as a Firefighter

Working on Christmas Day as a firefighter can be difficult, especially if you have family at home who you would much rather be spending the day with!

Unfortunately, missing out some years is part and parcel of the Firefighter role – it’s one of the requirements of the job that you need to think long and hard about when you’re considering if the career is right for you.

Many people are used to working over the festive period (and on the big day itself) having previous employment experience in areas like hospitality or food service. However, when you’re a firefighter putting your life on the line to serve your community as part of your day job can be a very different matter!

The important thing to remember is that there will be many other Christmases you get to spend with family and friends – and they’ll be all the more special to you because of having to occasionally miss out.

  • Try to stay off of social media if you’re on you’re on your break and feeling like you’re missing out – the photos and status updates by your friends and family of Christmas Day (or parties and nights out!) are unlikely to make you feel any better, and could prove to be a distraction.
  • Plan a ‘fake Christmas’ where you have a traditional dinner and open your presents, or belated festive night out with friends so that you have something to look forward to on your time off. This is perfectly possible when you have young children too, you can even keep back a few special gifts so you still get to see their faces when they open them!
  • Keep yourself busy! Even if you’re having a rare quiet spell at the station find something to keep you occupied – it’ll make the time go by so much quicker.
  • Remind yourself that you’re living your dream and enjoying your Firefighter career – and the challenges you’ve had to overcome to get this far! When you look at it this way it can make the harder times seem worthwhile.
  • Remember that it can work both ways – while you’re dreaming of home other aspiring firefighters that haven’t quite made it through the tough application process could be wishing like mad that they were in your position.

One of the other difficulties can be dealing with call-outs on this special day – particularly if they are severe. No-one wants to be called out to a fire or RTA on Christmas Day.

It’s crucial to stay professional at all times and hard as it might be, don’t let your emotions get the better of you.

Remember that you’re doing your job by being there to help, and giving back to the community and the people who rely on you!

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