How much do Firefighters earn?

If you’ve been wondering how much money a firefighter makes, look no further! Here’s the lowdown on firefighter salaries.

Firefighter wages follow a national salary structure, meaning that regardless of where in the UK you’re located, wages will remain the same. There is one exception to this – London firefighters are higher-paid.

Trainee firefighters will receive a starting salary of £22,459.

Once full competence is achieved, pay increases to £29,934, with higher rates applied to overtime. The amount of overtime will depend on the duty systems employed by each individual FRS.

Career Progression

With multiple opportunities for promotion, career progression is reflected in higher earnings.

Advancement to crew manager increases earning potential to between £31,816 (development) to £33,934 (competent), while a watch manager can expect to earn between £33,905 to £37,112.

Upon reaching the role of station manager, salaries can range between £38,602 and £42,576. Overtime rates would also be in effect.

Group managers, and beyond this, area managers, can attain salaries between £44,458 and £57,252.

The above salaries will all fluctuate slightly depending on the firefighters’ level of competence.

What does it mean to be a competent firefighter?

A competent firefighter is an individual who has completed training and undertaken assessments in applicable functions.

This process is usually achieved within two years of joining the Service, after which a firefighter will be deemed ‘competent’ and will be entitled to the appropriate salary.

What about retained firefighters?

Subject to their role in a Fire and Rescue Service, a retained firefighter will receive a turn-out fee for every incident they attend, as well as an annual retainer.

These retainers start at £2,246 for a trainee and rise to £2,993 for a competent retained firefighter. Again, London firefighters are paid more.

Remember that these are approximate figures from the Fire Brigades Union, but it should give you a good idea of what to expect upon entering the profession.

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  1. Hello.
    Is there difference between firefighter and firefighter/driver?
    Thinking about joining fire brigade as driver!

  2. Hi
    I’m interested in joining the Fire service, I’ve already enquired about becoming a retained fire fighter, but found out I live to far away from a Station.
    Any information would be appreciated.

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