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Pass Your Promotion Situational Judgement Test – Interactive Online Test

Is your FRS using a ‘Situational Judgement Test (SJT)’ (sometimes also known as a Managerial Judgement Test) as part of its promotions procedure?

Would you like to gain an idea of:

a) What it might look like?
b) What you have to do?
c) How you might perform?

An SJT is used to examine how you are likely to behave in a range of scenarios. These scenarios are relevant to the FRS. The results of an SJT are used to determine how good a fit your attitudes and behaviours are with the role you are applying for, and the FRS in general.

Our quick and straight-forward practice SJT gives you an idea what to expect from this test and gets you used to doing one before the real thing.

What’s particularly helpful is that not only can you find out how well you did at the click of a button, we also tell you what you did wrong, why it wasn’t effective and what the right answer was. This not only allows you to evaluate your own level of performance, it also helps you to develop and improve.

The results from this test are relevant to all sorts of assessments, because whether you will be asked to sit a written test, an interview, a practical exercise or complete an application form your assessors will be looking at the same things- your attitudes and behaviours. So the more information you have about how good a fit you are, the more control it gives you to improve your future selection outcomes.

Take the test now to find out more about how you behave, where you match up to fire service standards and how to improve on the areas where you don’t!


Pass Your SJT
Supervisory Manager
Online Test

Pass Your SJT
Middle Manager
Online Test


IMPORTANT: Although there are many consistencies, there may be some local variation in the type of assessments some FRSs use. If you are unsure if this applies to you please check with use before purchasing.