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PQA Promotional Interview

Have you failed at interview before?

Is this your first time through to the final stage?

Is it vital that you don’t fall at this final hurdle?

Your Interview is the crucial final stage of the selection process. With so much competition, and having come so far, it is important not to leave anything to chance.

In preparing for your Interview there are three things to consider.

  • It doesn’t matter what you have done, how much experience you have and how suitable you are for the role if you don’t present your evidence in the right way.
  • You need to have examples which are outstanding.
  • The PQA style Interview may be very different from the types of Interviews you have experienced before. The format is relatively new; therefore much of the advice available through other sources can be misleading.

Important aspects to consider before your interview

You may think you don’t really need any help as you have had plenty of interviews in the past and always seem to do ok. What is important to bear in mind is:

  • How different this type of interview will be from the other type of interviews you have been through
  • How much there is at stake. Have you ever had to go through so much to even get to an interview before?
  • What supporting evidence you have. Are you clear what is required of you in terms of structure and content of your answers?
  • How you plan to match the criteria with your prepared answers. Have you considered how you will be able to do this?
  • How to adapt your answers to meet the questions. You will not know exactly what you will be asked until you are sat in front of the panel, and you need to show you can think on your feet and adapt your evidence as necessary.

We can help you make massive improvements to your interview performance

We have helped many people just like to make sure they are 100% ready to succeed at interview. A lot of people sign up to our services still half thinking they are on the right track; it is only once they see the information we provide that they realise how close they came giving a poor interview, if they had left it to chance.

To make sure you are able to present your very highest potential without any doubts in your interview you will need help. We have developed packages specially designed to coach you towards achieving your goals.

Our Service is recognised to be the best help available to you pass your interview

We have designed a comprehensive Workbook which covers everything you need to know about passing your interview. It’s full of practical exercises and detailed examples to gradually build up your skills.

The Pass Your Interview Workbook will show you EXACTLY how to get the very best results from your FRS Interview. To prepare effectively takes effort, and this Workbook will coach you towards improving the way you answer your Interview questions. It will work through a number of detailed exercises to effectively ‘hold your hand’ as you identify and structure top quality answers.

Plus- if you are concerned your evidence may not be quite up to scratch, our Workbook and Feedback service will give you honest and constructive feedback on your potential to succeed, and guide you on the areas you will need to improve. Click here to find out more

Applicable to interviews for the rest of your career

The type of PQA Interview uses the same format for all promotional levels. This means that once you have used this Workbook to improve your Interview skills and prepare really effective answers, you can use it again and again throughout your career. It’s a long term investment.

Working with only the best candidates

We don’t just help you ‘get through’ the Interview. We want to help you to become a better candidate, and a more effective manager in the Fire & Rescue Service. If you have the potential to succeed, we can help you with the rest.

Why it is excellent value
Working with us is an investment in your future. We wouldn’t charge the prices we do unless we can give you the results we promise, and if we hadn’t put a HUGE amount into making sure we have produced an excellent product. We have covered everything you need. Now you just need to put the work in.

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We help you to:

  • Recognise the key elements crucial for interview success;
  • Understand what is required of you through step by step explanations;
  • Identify a number of possible examples you can use in your interview;
  • Develop your awareness of what the FRS needs you to demonstrate;
  • Present your examples according to the ONLY accepted structure;
  • Avoid the most Frequently Made Mistakes;
  • Select only the most effective examples;
  • Identify weaknesses in your answers;
  • Recognise excellent from mediocre answers;
  • Practice your responses to realistic questions;
  • Prepare answers in response to ALL potential PQAs, making the workbook applicable to all services and processes
  • Prepare answers relevant to describing evidence in support of the Core Values and Rolemaps.

Potential isn’t enough- you need to get the right formula

Even if you have huge amounts of career potential, you still need to present it in the right way- using a combination of structure and quality.  We can show you exactly how to get that formula just right.

If you are really committed to progressing your career in the FRS, our services are the very best. Buy now

We are the leading UK provider of Fire & Rescue Service (FRS) assessment and development services for recruitment and promotion.  We are the people that both individuals and Brigades come to for help with development, so we are in a perfect position to also help you.

Outstanding results
We consistently produce outstanding results. If anything is going to improve your chances of getting through, this is it! We give you the best chance possible of success based on your unique evidence. If you have got what it takes, we make sure the FRS recognises this and selects you.

What do others say?
Visit the forum section of the long established and independent Fire Service site fireservice.co.uk. Here you will find numerous positive reviews and discussion topics about the help we have given to others, and our outstanding quality of service.

Don’t forget our full money back guarantee– we are so confident that you will be delighted with the quality of our guidance and support that we will honour a full refund of your money if you are at all unsatisfied with our products. So there is no risk to you- buy the Workbook today and see what a genuine difference it will make to your future.

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