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How Fire Service promotion works?

To get promoted to the next career band, you will need to pass the ADC Stage 1(written exercise) and then ADC Stage 2. You may also have to go through an interview after your ADC.

To be promoted within a band, you will need to pass the PQA Promotional Interview.



FRS assessment systems are based on the understanding that if an individual can demonstrate the core underlying abilities necessary for the next role up, then the specific knowledge and skills also required can be developed later. Your PQA behaviours will be assessed in 2 Stages:

*This format may vary slightly in Scotland but will still involve the same type of exercises as used in the rest of the UK.

All of the tests and exercises mentioned above are scored according to how well your peformance matches the PQAs.

In-Band Promotion

There is also the opportunity for career progression which is not assessed via an ADC. This includes movement between the following roles;

  • Crew to Watch Manager;
  • Station to Group Manager;
  • Area to Brigade Manager.

This is refered to as ‘In-band’ promotion, because you progress to the next level but remain within the same managerial ‘band’ ie Supervisory, Middle or Strategic.

In-band assessments are conducted by PQA Interview. Again, the evidence you present of your abilities to develop into the next role will be based on how well you demonstrate the PQAs through your Interview answers.

Get help with your ADC Stage 1, ADC Stage 2 or Promotional Interview.