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What is Firefighter Selection?

Firefighter hopefuls need to demonstrate specific PQAs to a VERY high standard on their application form as the first hurdle in the recruitment process.

Having your application form accepted gives you the chance to go through to the next recruitment stage, where you have the opportunity to prove your suitability in a range of tests from spatial awareness to physical fitness.  

The application form stage is incredibly competitive. Of the thousands of applicants to the UK FRS every year, only a handful of these get through.

If your application form is successful you then go on to tackle the aptitude, physical and medical tests. If you sucessfully pass this stage, you will then return for your final Interview.

This Interview will really test how good a fit you are for the FRS through a series of questions designed to test the suitability of your attitudes and how you tend to behave in different situations. By Interview stage you can’t afford to leave your performance to chance; it is crucial you can prove yourself in this critical test conducted by FRS Officers.

Need some help getting over the first hurdle? Most people think they have what it takes and that this alone will get them through. You only have to read different forum posts to find out how demoralising it is when this is proved not to be the case.

We are experts in assessing and developing candidate PQAs and can review your work to make sure you are on the right track.

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