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Firefighter Application Form

Completing the application form is the first step to joining the Fire Service. People usually think filling in the application form is a pretty easy step, but 90% of applications will be rejected.

Top Tips

Where can I get an application form?

You should contact the Fire & Rescue Service that you want to apply to to get an application form.

What will the application form ask me?

Application forms will vary slightly between Fire Services, but they will all ask you about your PQAs. This means they will ask you to give real-life examples of situations where you have demonstrated the PQAs.
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How do I know if my application form is good enough?

It’s very hard to know exactly what the Fire & Rescue Service is looking for. Lots of people just send off their form and hope it’s good enough. But obviously, this is taking a big chance.

This is where we can make huge difference to your application. We can work together with you to make sure your application is as good as it can be.

We have helped many people achieve their career goals by making sure their application form is completed to the very highest standards. You need to make sure your application form details your evidence as convincingly as possible. We can guarantee that our support will dramatically improve your chances of getting through to the next recruitment stage.

Our Service is recognised to be the best help available to you pass your application

It covers everything you need to know – it’s full of learning exercises and detailed examples to gradually build up your skills.

If you are concerned your experience may not be quite up to scratch, we can give you honest and constructive guidance and advice.

Too many good applicants fail at this stage because their answers are poorly explained and lack the right sort of evidence. Our Workbooks share our years of experience of marking application forms so you can make sure you avoid all the usual mistakes.
We have a great reputation with people who have used our services, most of whom come back to us for help preparing for their Interview.

Our Workbook is different from all other available guides because it is the only one which works with you to develop your skills. It doesn’t just tell you what you have to do; we go one step further and make sure you know how to do it.

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We help you to:

  • Understand what you need to do with step by step explanations;
  • Identify the right examples to use in your application;
  • Present your examples using the rules you will not find out about anywhere else;
  • Identify where you need to improve your answers;
  • Present your examples according to the ONLY structure the FRS will accept;
  • Create final answers which will prove why you are perfect for the role of a Firefighter

Knowing you have the Potential to do the job isn’t enough- you need to get the right FORMULA to pass the application form.

Even if you have huge amounts of Firefighter potential, there is a strong possibility you still won’t get through. You have to complete the form using the right combination of structure and quality. We can show you exactly how to get that formula just right.

If you are really committed to beginning your career with the FRS, our services are the very best. Buy now

We are the leading UK provider of Fire & Rescue Service (FRS) assessment and development services for recruitment and promotion. We are the people that Firefighters and senior officers come to for help with their development, so we are in a perfect position to also help you to join them in the Fire Service.

Outstanding results
We consistently produce outstanding results. If anything is going to improve your chances of getting through, this is it! We give you the best chance possible of success based on your unique evidence. If you have got what it takes, we make sure the FRS recognises this and selects you to for the next stage.

What do others say?
Visit our Feedback page or visit the forum section of the long established and independent Fire Service site. Here you will find numerous positive reviews and discussion topics about the help we have given to others, and our outstanding quality of service

Don’t forget our full money back guarantee– we are so confident that you will be delighted with the quality of our guidance and support that we will honour a full refund of your money if you are at all unsatisfied with our products. So there is no risk to you- buy the Workbook today and see what a genuine difference it will make to your future.

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