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Carl Haslam, owner of Fireservice.co.uk and Firefighter used our Workbooks to get his promotion

Having been a firefighter in Greater Manchester for over 12 years, I thought it was time to go for promotion.

In June of 2008, I decided to get the required qualifications to help me onto the first step of promotion and awaited my first temporary. In November of 2008, it came, I was offered my first temporary appointment as a Crew Manager. I was fairly confident I would be OK with the temporary and really enjoying it.

After only a few weeks, in January 2009, the bombshell came, I was invited to attend an Assessment Centre for Crew Manager, but in a month’s time. My heart sank as I knew full well, that I was not prepared and an assessment centre was something I saw in the future.

I then discovered that help was at hand, by using the guides and books available via www.frsdevelopment.com. I decided to purchase the ADC and interview guides available from here, despite their cost.

Having now got my hands on the “Pass your ADC” and “Pass your PQA Interview” workbooks, I was very pleased with what I had. I now had a structure to work from, something that would guide me through how to structure PQAs and how best to set my examples out. I worked my way through the book and filled out the PQAs based on my past 12 year’s experience. Having put the work into the book, I felt more prepared that I could attend the PQA Interview and Assessment Centre at the end on January and stand a better chance of making an impression.

I attended the Assessment Centre at the end of January 2009, just 4 weeks after being notified about it.

I came out not knowing if I had done well or not. I also had to wait a good 3 months for my results, as there were around 100 candidates, all going through the same process. After 3 months of waiting, the letter finally dropped through the door, I was one of only 17 people out of the 100 who had passed and was immediately appointed a substantive Crew Manager.

I can honestly say that without the help and assistance of the work book, I would have been struggling and not have got my promotion. As I sit here, £3500 a year better off, I am now looking at the next level of Watch Manager and will be looking to get help from this site. I would just like to thank you for the guides and workbooks and say that they are worth every penny.
Carl Haslam, Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue

*(The Greater Manchester assessment centre differs from the National ADC process).

We’ve also had our Pass Your Application Workbook reviewed by a College Lecturer……..

Overall I found the workbook both intuitive and very well thought out and planned. The writing and reading style was set in an easy to read and understandable format. The content was relevant and topical and contained absolutely masses of very useful and practical information.”

“In summing up may I again offer my grateful thanks for allowing me to review the workbook. From my own personal educational and teaching levels I found the workbook a great resource and cannot find anything it didn’t effectively cover.”

Yours sincerely,

Stuart K. Fairclough

Customer Reviews

Having been a firefighter for 11 years and a Crew manager for the last 7, I decided to order Hannah’s middle manager workbook to help me prepare for my recent Watch Manager PQA interview. I was astounded at how easy Hannah explains the principle of PQA’s, but more importantly how well the workbook follows a logical and simple process to draw on your experiences to build the strongest answer possible to meet the requirements of each PQA. Without doubt, Hannah’s advice has given me the best chance possible to be successful and I cant recommend it highly enough to anyone who wants to give themselves the best chance of success.
James Holder, CM, West Midlands FRS.

Thought you would like to know that I sat my supervisory fire-fighter to Crew Manager written exercise and I got my results last week – I PASSED!!
I would like to say a big thank you to you and your company – it was definitely a big help in the lead up to my written exercise exam and I am convinced after previous failures that the service you offered assisted in my success this time.
Thank you again.
V Brown, Kent FRS

Just a short note to say thanks, today I opened my post to find that on my 3rd attempt to pass the written exercise, I have now passed. I can endorse your advice given to me about passing your written exercise for Crew Manager. Many thanks for your help and advice.
L. Pearson, Cleveland FRS

I found the Pass Your Interview workbook clear and easy to understand.  The exercises helped me focus the way I structured my examples and taught me the level of detail the Fire Service is looking for.  The feedback form gave me a chance to learn how to tailor my examples.  This was returned in excellent time.  The comments that were returned were constructive and not only told me where I went wrong but how I could improve them.  Unlike most feedback I’ve had in the past, this was very useful.  The workbook took a lot of time and commitment to get through but I am now confident going into my Fire Service interview knowing I understand what they are looking for.
Caroline Henderson, Applying to be a Firefighter

The Pass Your written exercise Service was invaluable. The Simulation Exercise was very realistic in comparison to my actual written exercise, therefore gave me great insight in to what was expected of me. I would recommend this written exercise practice service to everyone, it really does give you effective experience of what to expect
C.Gibbs, Suffolk FRS

The preparation package was really valuable to my success at the middle manager written exercise. VCA gave continual support and advice and I attended the exam feeling fully prepared and confident.
J. Ward, Nottinghamshire FRS

The sample you provided is very helpful. I have to say I’m impressed by the site and I’d happily endorse it and it’s contents.
J. Southgate, Suffolk FRS

Just a quick email to say thanks for your help in assisting me to pass my Middle manager written exercise and assessment center.
P. Johnson, Bedford FRS

The Simulation Exercise feed back report was very very good, far superior to other feedback reports I have received. Specific and comprehensive.
J. Benson Ryal, Essex FRS

The good news is that I am through to the Interview stage! Thanks again for all the guidance and support. Thanks again for the invaluable service.
C. Meen, Retained FF applying to Royal Berkshire FRS

I’ve been working through the work book using the answers I used on my previous application. It’s really good as its given me an insight to what they are looking for, not what I thought they were looking for.
M. Grier, Applying to be a Firefighter

I had put in two applications prior to using your application workbook and feedback package and both applications failed. I found your workbook gave me a chance to reflect on what I had done in life that could be applied specifically to each PQA. It also helped fully explain what each PQA was looking for. Your feedback was essential as I needed someone who would critically analyse what I had done and give me honest feedback, which you did. Thank you.
S. Chamberlain, Applying to be a Firefighter

Many thanks for the constructive help. It made me think a lot harder about the way to word everything. As I read through it one step at a time it helped a great deal.
L. Williams, Applying to be a Firefighter

After purchasing your Middle Manager written exercise Online Study Guide, I completed the written exercise and was successful. Got some really good results on the situational judgement test, now awaiting the full ADC
R. Basham, Gloucestershire FRS

May I first take this opportunity to thank you for the “20 tips on passing the application form” I received from you, I believe this helped me pass this initial stage.
T. Townsend, Applying to be a Firefighter

I had help from you in writing my Fire service application, and I just thought I’d let you know that my application has been accepted and that I am going for an interview in End Nov beginning of December, thanks for all your help, it really made a difference.
S.Roach, Applying to be a Firefighter

Hi Hannah, I passed my telephone interview and have a physical assessment this Friday. I very much appreciated your swift replies approaching the telephone interview and feel your final suggestions made all the difference.
J. Rowles, Applying to be a Firefighter

Hi, I just wanted to say I used your packages for my written exercise and later the ADC. After three attempts I believe these were invaluable for myself and contributed much towards preparing me for the assessments allowing me to know what to expect. Great product and service, thanks.
C. Rafferty, Surrey FRS

Thank you for your help so far. I have found the product useful and it is starting to shape the way I am studying for the written exercise. It is a good aid to study.
P. Mcallister, Devon and Somerset FRS

I found that actually finding out what PQA is is really hard, especially from London Brigade. The workbook was good and helped me achieve my goal of passing! –
K.Streton, Applying to be a Firefighter

I passed with the ADC Workbook, I found it very useful-
J. Campbell, West Mids FRS

I have been a firefighter in the FRS for 11 years, despite the tough time we all face, I decided to make the worthwhile investment into this product. I feel it offers a good level of preparation and guidance, not only in the form of training aids and practice papers, but also follow up calls addressing any issues or worries you May have. I found it hard to fully Understand the ADC’S process, but with a little bit of study and guidance from Sarah and the team, my goals and objectives became clear, I feel positive and hopeful for the upcoming promotion rounds.
P. Sadler, London FRS

I found the bootcamp extremely helpful when it came writing my application form. It’s was made very clear what each aspect of the application form entailed and what was expected from the applicant in order to be successful. The small group meant that it was very easy to ask questions and discuss areas that people were unsure of. Overall I believe that the bootcamp experience has provided me with the best possible opportunity to be successful with my application. I would recommend these camps to anyone who is aspiring to become a firefighter.
P. Reed, Applying to be a Firefighter

I found the day very interesting, definitely worth the money as it helped me so much in filling in my application form and what to put in my application answers. Learning about the personal qualities and what to write and how to word benefited me very much. I would definitely recommend boot camp to anyone, either someone who has not applied yet or someone who has applied for the fire service before, you will learn something for definite that could give you the edge over someone else. All the staff on the boot camp are very helpful, ask them anything and they will answer it for you or will get back to you either that day by phone or email.
L. Dearing, Applying to be a Firefighter

Just a quick note to say thanks to the training you gave me on the MM ADC Boot Camp in march last year I have managed to pass my ADC last week. Definitely think the training and handbook prepared me well to perform at my best. Thanks!
S. Mason, Norfolk FRS

I had thought about the bootcamp previously but had studied for my ADC using the information provided in house and thought I would try without it.
After applying and not being successful at passing the ADC Stage 1 on a couple of occasions and I was beginning to wonder where I was going wrong. I found out there was going to be a bootcamp nearby and decided to book it!
The day was very useful. There was a more ‘one to one’ feel rather than the large briefing sessions I had attended previously and I now feel far more confident about the direction my studying needs to take to pass the next ADC.
Thanks for providing the service, I sure that others just like me will be thinking about how to pass their ADCs and I am sure they will find the bootcamp days very informative.
D. Creed, Devon & Somerset FRS

I have had my application accepted and I am awaiting a date for my assessment day and interview.

Many thanks for the service your company has provided to me and also a big thank you to Chris for marking my application and for the feedback he gave me.
Brendan, MOD FRS