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VCA – Vallance Coaching & Assessment – www.vcaltd.co.uk

Our aim is to provide the Fire & Rescue Service with the tools and support it requires to assess and develop its personnel fairly, comprehensively, and efficiently.

We have a broad range of experience from a number of commercial and public sector organisations. We specialise in helping individuals maximise their career potential, and for organisations to develop the skills and motivations of their personnel.

Helping organisations support their staff

Personnel development and assessment are closely linked concepts; it is difficult to determine real performance potential if a candidate is ill-prepared for the assessment activities they will face. But it is often the case that there can be limited priority given to preparing candidates for assessments when the immediate objective is to meet the needs of succession planning.

We offer ADC support packages to both individuals and organisations; if an organisation is unable to provide the type of support that candidates request pre-assessment, our service provides individuals with the opportunity to pursue it independently. Ideally, all candidates would have access to the same materials, allowing everyone to prepare in the same way. We offer SUBSTANTIAL discounts to the FRS on group purchases of our candidate support products in order to make this help as available as possible to everyone.

Contact us to find out how our on-line testing and feedback reporting systems can make your ADC Stage 1 MUCH easier!

Organisational development & change

We have developed a number of support options for those areas where there seems to be an organisational need. We have created PQA development programmes for individual use or for line managers to use with teams; we have coaching packages focused on behavioural change and leadership; we run interactive PQA skills and attitude workshops to facilitate committment to cultural change.

VCA is the best consultancy support option for the FRS. We have the benefit of considerable FRS experience plus the objectivity of an external orgnisation. And we have already developed the tools that you need to enhance the performance of your teams.

  • We can make things better for your FRS- by improving standards and PQA capabilities of ADC candidates
  • We can make things easier for your FRS- by using tools such as our on-line testing capability and personally tailored automatic feedback report generation
  • And we can do it for a lower cost than other consultancies would charge (if they have the tools that we have!)

We offer great value and services which the FRS genuinely needs. Want to find out more? Contact Us