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ADC Stage 2 (Full ADC)

ADC Stage 2 Tips

Are you apprehensive about sitting your ADC Stage 2? Would you like to some guidance on what you need to do to maximise your chances of success?

Get started straight away

Whether you have attended an ADC before or this is your first time, the guidance provided in our unique ADC Workbook will give you the head start you need. With your ADC just around the corner, you need to get started right away. Our products are downloadable, which means you could start preparing in a targeted and genuinely effective way immediately.

The only way to prepare for your ADC

Designed by FRS assessment specialist and Occupational Psychologist Hannah Vallance, this Workbook is the ONLY GUIDE AVAILABLE to help prepare you for your FRS ADC. This Workbook will provide you with ALL the information you need and will help you perform to a far higher standard than you would without its practical tips and detailed guidance.

If you want to do your very best, this Workbook shows you how.

The ADC is a HUGE event in your career, and if you are honest, not one that you will want to repeat too often! We all have a range of different skills, but what is important to your career progression is to develop your strengths in a way which matches the needs of the modern Fire & Rescue Service.

This Workbook will guide you on what you need to do to model the PQAs and perform to a CONSISTENTLY high standard.

Understanding what is required BEFORE the ADC

After you have had your ADC your FRS will provide feedback on what you did well, and what areas you need to develop. But what about if you could gain an insight into what was expected of you and why you have to perform in specific ways BEFORE your ADC??

This Workbook is absolutely ESSENTIAL for anyone wanting to attend the ADC fully equipped to face the challenges of the day. It will help you overcome your apprehension about what to expect, and guide you to improve how you perform in in the run up to the ADC.

We make sure you are able to demonstrate your potential

The Fire & Rescue Service is always looking to raise standards, and if you are reading this, you are probably highly motivated to reach your full career potential. We can meet the needs of both individuals and organisations through this highly specialised, practical and developmental guidance package.
Our products are all tailored to Supervisory, Middle or Strategic Manager level. To receive your downloadable ADC Workbook instantly click here

We help you to:

  • Recognise the key elements crucial for ADC success;
  • Understand what is required of you through step by step explanations;
  • Identify clear examples of how to improve your performance;
  • Develop your awareness of what the FRS needs you to demonstrate;
  • Avoid the most Frequently Made Mistakes;
  • Manage the scenarios effectively;
  • Identify development areas;
  • Recognise excellent from mediocre performance;
  • Gain familiarity with the ADC scenarios;
  • Understand how to use the information presented to you;
  • Provide the evidence the assessors need you to show.

We’ve thought of everything, so you don’t have to! All you have to do is focus on working through the materials provided to get maximum benefit from this systematic and comprehensive performance development package.

Potential isn’t enough- you need to get the right formula to pass your ADC

Even if you have huge amounts of career potential, you still need to present it in the right way- using a combination of structure and quality.  We can show you exactly how to get that formula just right.

If you are really committed to progressing your career in the FRS, our services are the very best. Buy now

We are the leading UK provider of Fire & Rescue Service (FRS) assessment and development services for recruitment and promotion.  We are the people that both individuals and Brigades come to for help with development, so we are in a perfect position to also help you.

Outstanding results
We consistently produce outstanding results. If anything is going to improve your chances of getting through, this is it! We give you the best chance possible of success based on your unique evidence. If you have got what it takes, we make sure the FRS recognises this and selects you.

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Don’t forget our full money back guarantee– we are so confident that you will be delighted with the quality of our guidance and support that we will honour a full refund of your money if you are at all unsatisfied with our products. So there is no risk to you- buy the Workbook today and see what a genuine difference it will make to your future.

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