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ADC Stage 1 (Also known as 'Written Exercise')

ADC Stage 1 Tips

  • Have you taken the ADC 1 before and been disappointed with the result?
  • Are you thinking of taking the ADC stage 1 but are not sure what to expect?
  • Have you heard that it is hard to pass and are not sure if you are up to it?
  • Are you prepared to put the work in to make sure you get the right result?
  • Do you know what your development needs are but don’t know what to do about them?
  • Do you want to feel more confident about your tests?

We understand that the first stage of the promotion process is a big challenge. There is a great deal at stake and it can feel like there is limited support available. It can be frustrating not knowing where to find help, and without the right guidance it can be difficult to know which direction to channel your efforts.

We provide the only ADC preparation support available

We have tried to address the promotions process in two ways;

  1. Through this website, which provides information, facts and tips to help you navigate through the Assessment & Development Centre (ADC).
  2. Through a range of support services, specifically tailored to improve your performance at all stages of your ADC

Up until now there have been limited resources available to help you prepare in the right way, and understandably, your organisation isn’t always in a position to give you the help you need. The good news is that there are now a full range of options to develop your skills and improve your chances of success. So it’s really just up to you when you choose to access them.

Want to see the ADC Stage 1 preparation products?

We developed these services because Firefighters like yourself asked us to!

We have been working with the FRS for the last 7 years in the field of assessment and development.

Comments which we were hearing far too frequently were:

‘I had no idea what they expected of me’
‘I spent hours studying but was still totally unprepared’
‘It was much harder than I  expected- I didn’t feel I had a chance’
‘It put me off trying again’
Any disappointment at work can leave you feeling let down or de-motivated. Of course not everyone is going to pass the ADC; but standards can easily be raised if candidates are able to prepare in the right way, and those who are unsuccessful need to have options to make sure they can improve for next time. The organisation can then fulfill its workforce needs, and you can fulfill your potential.


Potential isn’t enough- you need the right formula to succeed. Our Complete Preparation Package covers this formula in depth, ensuring you don’t make unnecessary mistakes which could cost you your promotion.

We make sure-

  • You have the right information;
  • You know what types of tasks you will face;
  • You understand how to use the information presented;
  • You are familiar with how to effectively present your answers;
  • You practice the exercises in advance;
  • You gain feedback on your skills in advance;
  • You understand your development needs
  • You know how to improve.

We can guarantee that the information, examples, exercises, critiques and feedback we provide will give you the opportunity to dramatically improve your performance. Through our professional expertise and your preparation you can develop the skills you need to progress to the next level.

Each of our packages contains a HUGE amount of detailed and relevant guidance, free bonus material and practical tasks. By preparing you in the right way we will:-

  • Familiarise you with what to expect;
  • Give you examples of the type of thing the assessors will be looking for;
  • Explain what sort of answers are ineffective and why;
  • Help you structure your responses effectively;
  • Give you the chance to take ‘mock’ exercises;
  • Give you realistic experience of managing exercise timings;
  • Give you feedback on your performance, explaining where your strengths and development needs lie;
  • Identify where you need to develop your PQAs and how to do this;
  • Assess how suitable your skills currently are;
  • Improve your management potential and suitability to develop within the FRS.

We understand that the ADC process is about development and not promotion, but for many people the link is very
clear. You need to get through both stages of the ADC to gain access to further development. From there, promotional opportunities open up.

Here is what eventual promotion could mean to you financially, which is often a key, although by no means the only motivating factor for wanting to develop.

Promotion (Figures accurate 2011-2012) Potential Salary Increase Over 5 Years
Competent FF to Crew Manager



Competent Crew Manger to Station Manager



Competent Station Manger to Area Manager



We provide an excellent value service which will have a huge impact on how you demonstrate the PQAs, in your assessment activities and in the workplace.

Read through our detailed FAQ section to learn more about how and why we have developed this service, and how it can help you in a fair, reliable and developmental way.

Taking action now will reduce some of the stress of not knowing what to expect or whether indeed you are ready to pass your ADC1. By accessing this service anybody in the FRS can improve their skills and therefore their chances of gaining promotion.

  • We provide answers to all your ADC Stage 1 questions
  • We show you how to improve your written exercise skills
  • We give you a realistic preview of what to expect before the real tests
  • We explain exactly how to structure and present your answers
  • We cover frequently made mistakes and how to avoid them
  • We give feedback on your personal PQA performance, explaining what you needed to do differently and why
  • We help you with your time management and to improve your reading and writing speeds
  • We give in-depth feedback so you know exactly where you need to improve and how to do it
  • We can tell you if you are likely to be successful
  • If you need further development, we tell you how to do this

Yes please, I want to pass my written exercise/ ADC 1! BUY NOW!

If you are really committed to progressing your career in the FRS, our services are the very best.

We are the leading UK provider of Fire & Rescue Service (FRS) assessment and development services for recruitment and promotion.  We are the people that both individuals and Brigades come to for help with development, so we are in a perfect position to also help you.

Outstanding results
We consistently produce outstanding results. If anything is going to improve your chances of getting through, this is it! We give you the best chance possible of success based on your unique mix of skills. If you have got what it takes, we make sure the FRS can recognise this and selects you.

What do others say?
Visit the forum section of the long established and independent Fire Service site Fireservice.co.uk. Here you will find numerous positive reviews and discussion topics about the help we have given to others, and our outstanding quality of service.

Don’t forget our full money back guarantee– we are so confident that you will be delighted with the quality of our guidance and support that we will honour a full refund of your money if you are at all unsatisfied with our products. So there is no risk to you- buy our complete preparation package today and see what a genuine difference it will make to your future.

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